Accelerating market entry for fast-growing companies into South East Asia via Singapore

The Program

Our program focusing on the South East Asian market is an opportunity for high performing startups and SMEs to accelerate growth and scale their business to new markets. 

Leveraging the Rainmaking Expand two-phase format and deep experience with successful market expansion, our framework aims to rapidly increase startups’ and SMEs’ speed to market while de-risking their expansion through rigorous viability assessment, curated expert guidance and targeted introduction to strong business leads.


Market Ramp-Up

4 Weeks

The Pre-Program period focuses on preparing each startup on the key steps needed for entering new markets within South East Asia.

Market Discovery Sprint

A market-focused sprint of peer-to-peer sessions, workshops & discovery sessions, focused on market discovery and validating market entry for target locations within South East Asia

This sprint helps startups to understand the South East Asian markets and how to operate in the different locations, with sessions focusing on market validation, communications with potential customers and identifying product-market fit for a new market.

Market Readiness Sprint

An expansion-focused sprint based on our proven venture expansion methodology

The sprint focuses on preparing companies for market entry into a new geography. More broadly, startups will be briefed on expansion methodologies and experiment sprints, ensuring they are well placed to take advantage of any opportunity identified. Companies will receive deep 1on1 mentoring and coaching. This phase enables participating companies to de-risk expansion before committing significant human and financial resources.

Main Program

Go To Market

8 Weeks

The Main Program is conducted on a 1:1 basis for selected high potential companies. It focuses on conducting business meetings with potential customers and partners, as well as, taking the first steps into the target market.

Phase 1: Initial Market Validation

Targeted engagements for companies to conduct business meetings and understand the local market in depth

This phase focuses on customer development and validating the company’s solution for the target market. Through understanding the local market characteristics, and refining the value propositions, companies can take their first steps towards successful market entry.

Phase 2: Commercial Traction

Building key networks with the local ecosystem and begin new market activities

This phases focuses on building commercial traction within the target market, enabling companies to build networks with ecosystem stakeholders, local companies, customers and investors. Companies will approach the needed steps to deliver their solution in a new market, localise their value proposition and pitch or demo their solution to targeted companies to raise funds and/or grow customers.

Selection Process


This program accepts applications from companies on a regular basis. Applications for the 2022 program are closed, however, we expect to be opening applications again at the start of 2023.

Register your interest for future programs here:


If your application passes the initial stages, you’ll be invited to an online call for final review. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the program, and for us to better understand how we might support your expansion goals.


If you’re one of the startups selected for the Pre-Program, you’ll participate in an 4-week online sprint of workshops, mentoring & discovery sessions, focused on market discovery, customer development and preparations for expansion.

Main Program

The top startups are selected for the Main Program, where you’ll participate in a 8-week sprint, dedicated to designing and executing next steps for the target market, and commercial & investment pitches with target partners in South East Asia.

Why South East Asia?

Welcomes International Startups

South East Asia welcomes high potential startups through various initiatives and innovation projects. Startups can find a diverse environment in South East Asia with both partners and governments eager to support your solution into the market.

Youthful & Eager Market

South East Asia is home to large youthful market that are eager and curious about new technologies. The South East Asian population are recognised to be more adaptive to new solutions and have actively invited new startup ideas to their home markets.

Strong Alignment with Society

The local markets in South East Asia have shown a strong alignment between what is good for business and what is good for society. This creates a large amount of potential for new solutions and technology to tap into.

Influx of Investments

South East Asian countries have seen an increase in government investment in startup ecosystems, improved educational facilities, and investments in technology, creating an attractive market for investment and startup development

Rapid Growth

South East Asia is rapidly growing, expanding to implement new technologies to support society and innovation in multiple sectors. Large initiatives in these spaces are supported by governments.

Broad Market

South East Asia boasts a broad market with a range of challenges looking for disruption. Overall, the market is open to new solutions to assist in evolving the society and way of working.



Amatelus who delivers the ability to stream video which is accessible from multiple viewpoints, joined the program and successfully identified their best strategy for their expansion, and identified media and marketing agencies to approach as possible partners.

This program has been hugely beneficial for us as we look to expand outside of Japan. The team has crafted a really informative program full of content, and the team of mentors and specialists were a massive value add. I would recommend this program to any company looking to scale their businesses outside of their home markets.

— Kei Oda, COO, Amatelus

AI Medical Service

Through their experience on the program, AI Medical Service identified key business partners for distribution and were able to start their incorporation procedure for Singapore to move forwards with their market entry.

The program has been exciting and insightful, and we were able to spend a very productive 8 weeks. The meetings with local experts were especially helpful and provided us a great support in developing our business expansion system from Singapore to the South East Asia region. Thank you to the program team!

— Masa Tokano, Manager, AI Medical Service

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