Introducing the Expand Digest – Rainmaking Expand’s Newsletter

We are excited to announce that we will be launching our own newsletter soon! The Expand Digest aims to offer insights into the innovation industry, demystify common misconceptions and share insights from industry players.

Every month, subscribers will receive a tailored newsletter, bringing key insights, and need-to-know items to your inbox.

What can we expect from the newsletter:

  • Two versions! – Tailored to the audience! Whether you are a startup or a corporate, we will be tailoring the content to you. The version you receive in your inbox will be suited to you.
  • Myth Busting – There are so many assumptions, myths and falsehoods surrounding the innovation industry, we will be breaking these down and guiding you through what is true, and what is not.
  • Insights/comments from people in the industry — each month a different topic
  • Key news pieces to keep an eye on

Currently we are ramping up for the launch of this newsletter, so if you are interested in receiving great content to your email inbox sign up here now:

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Written by
Meghan Bridges
October 3, 2022
Marketing Director, Rainmaking Expand