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Rainmaking Expand runs 4-month opportunities for growth stage startups & SMEs to accelerate market entry into multiple locations, focusing on business development and leveraging genuine commercial opportunities.

Our Rainmaking Expand framework aims to accelerate startups’ speed to market while de-risking market expansion through a rigorous viability assessment, curated expert guidance and targeted introductions to strong business leads.

During our programs, your time will focus on ramping up for your market entry into your target market, covering topics such as mapping, assessing and validating real commercial opportunities with the support of our in-market experts. Our goal is to drive commercial opportunity with you, and provide leads for early business development and detailed validation. This approach features two 2-month tracks, focused on validating, refining and de-risking your market entry.

  • Track 1 specialises in ramping up for the target market through market discovery and expansion readiness, as well as identifying and mapping your customer development. You will learn vital skills for a successful market expansion while getting deep insights on the specifics of the target market.
  • Track 2 focuses on Market Validation and features 4 weeks in your target country to expand opportunities, meet potential customers in a 1:1 setting and create new commercial partnerships.

Why join Rainmaking Expand


Unlike other programs, Rainmaking Expand doesn’t take equity in your business. Hold on to your equity and focus on scaling your business through international expansion.

Focus on commercial opportunities

Hands-on business development support & advice to help quickly discover and validate commercial opportunities in new markets.

Access investors and local experts

Get a headstart and leverage our deep network of experts and entrepreneurs.


Continue to run your business without disruption. Spend 3 months working from your local market and a dedicated 4-weeks in your target market.

Flexible schedule to fit your timelines

After completing Track 1, participating companies can postpone joining Track 2 until your business, and the opportunities you are pursuing, are ready.

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